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2023 FIRE SCHOOL 101
May 19th
Interested in participating?
Contact Steve Schmidt:

Fire School is our opportunity to educate our local officials on emergency services. Each student in Fire School is assigned a union firefighter host to ensure a personalized educational experience. The purpose is to define terms, show probable workloads, and compare staffing at emergent scenes so that we may provide a clearer picture of our profession. We spend the day partially in a classroom teaching our officials about the Unified Fire Authority and the firefighting profession. The majority of the day is spent in medical and fire scenarios so that the students may have first hand knowledge and experience with our day to day operations.



Local 1696 is looking forward to the return of Fire School 101, May 13th 2022. If you are interested in attending as a local official or volunteering as a professional firefighter/host, please contact

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