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What is Local 1696???

Local 1696 is the largest International Association of Firefighters union group in Utah. We began our history with the Salt Lake County Fire Department and have been around since 1968. In 2004, Salt Lake County Fire became Unified Fire Authority. Now, Local 1696 is mostly comprised of Unified Fire Authority firefighters although we have members that are not sworn firefighters or firefighters working with Unified Fire Authority. Now that you know what we are, lets talk about what we do.

Like most unions, Local 1696 concentrates their efforts with representing our labor group. Our main priorities are safe working conditions, wage and benefits, charitable activities, health and safety, and political actions. Through relationship building and collaborative efforts, Local 1696 works with the Unified Fire administration and all levels of Utah government to achieve the best possible outcomes for our members and the firefighter profession. Our efforts take us around the state from Capitol Hill to St. George.

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